3 October, 2016
Matosinhos - Resturante O Manel

The reason why Matosinhos is considered Oporto’s “dining room” for excellence

“The sea at the table”, so is called the city of Matosinhos. What makes this city so highly regarded in the field of gastronomy?
1 August, 2016
Mussels with white wine and parsley sauce

Seafood – Much more than tidbit

Eating seafood is fashionable. But where is the success of seafood in Mediterranean cuisine?
14 July, 2016

Benefits of eating fish

Know the benefits of eating fish. Learn about half a dozen reasons to eat fish.


Enjoy the typical Portuguese dishes, especially fresh fish and seafood. All our fish and seafood is delivered to us daily from the fish market of Matosinhos. Those who appreciate the generosity of the local land, will find in the restaurant O Manel appetizing dishes every day. Enjoy the specialties of our chef cook, Dona Tina. Children's menus available.