The reason why Matosinhos is considered Oporto’s “dining room” for excellence

Mussels with white wine and parsley sauce
Seafood – Much more than tidbit
1 August, 2016

"The sea at the table", so is called the city of Matosinhos. What makes this city so highly regarded in the field of gastronomy?

The city of Matosinhos, “land of sea and mariners," has come to stand out for its gastronomy currently considered as one of the anchor products of this county and the natural wealth from its coast. In this city with aroma of salt air, located in the district of Oporto, you can find a vast amount of restaurants from pubs to the highest quality refined restaurants. From there Matosinhos have been distinguished as the largest European cluster of restaurants per square meter counting as well, with 600 restaurants that stand out the Portuguese cuisine, preparing delights with care and love. Causing thousands of tourists and compatriots moving on purpose to Matosinhos to enjoy its fish and seafood.

In every street, you can smell the grilled fish. There's a wide range of fish and seafood that can be enjoyed, from the known sardines, cod, anglerfish, octopus, to lobster, among many others. What distinguishes them? Its freshness. The fish and shellfish arrive daily from auctions of Matosinhos and Angeiras.

All these factors brought together conditions for the gastronomy of Matosinhos being increasingly praised and appreciated both in our country and outside. Thus making Matosinhos part of national and international gastronomic itineraries.

To highlight the quality and importance of the county's gastronomy, the City Council launches a campaign to promote its gastronomy: "Matosinhos World's Best Fish" by promoting the potential and its status of excellence.

After a beautiful walk along the beach or the city park, or even a long day of work there is nothing like tasting a sea of stuffed dish, reminiscent of the holidays and the summer nights.


Enjoy the typical Portuguese dishes, especially fresh fish and seafood. All our fish and seafood is delivered to us daily from the fish market of Matosinhos. Those who appreciate the generosity of the local land, will find in the restaurant O Manel appetizing dishes every day. Enjoy the specialties of our chef cook, Dona Tina.